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Artist Statement


I have always been drawn to making Art and in particular 3D work. I remember being dragged around the National Gallery in London every year as a child. I remember my feet aching, the hushed tones we would have to use and the huge numbers of bizarrely dressed tourists goggling at the canvases on the walls.

I loved the sculpture but was usually bored when looking at paintings. My parents would try to instil in me some kind of reverence, but all I saw was dusty old paintings of people in curly white wigs. I was however obsessively impressed with the ornate carved gold frames in which they were presented. I remember imagining one of my childhood drawings being hung up in such a hallowed place yet it was the conjuring up of the ornate gold frame around the artwork which made the thought seem most incongruous.

It is the odd match of gaudy gold with cracked oil paint which I now cherish in my memory, and it is this odd pairing which spurs me on to make sculpture. Since finding glass as a medium I have enjoyed the physicality of the process of making. Though it can sometimes be a struggle, glass offers the opportunity for an artist to truly make their mark, and I love this about Glass but it is my thought process which I truly value.

I am as likely to get inspiration watching an infomercial as visiting an Art Gallery and it is this desire to match the ordinary with the ornate which seems to sum up my work.


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